Performance Odour Control Socks// 2 Pack


The sock re-imagined. Don’t feel self-conscious about your feet anymore – The KG Socks are treated with an advanced silver ionization treatment that kills odour at its source. A unique Honeycomb padding provides comfort and support while increasing breathability. The KG Socks will put a new spring in your step!



 Honeycomb Modular Padding: Cushioned socks have become a popular choice due to the increased level of support and comfort provided as well as the ability to help reduce blistering. However, cushioning often reduces breathability, trapping heat and moisture in. Some socks are (ineffectively) designed with mesh only on top to allow heat to escape. With KG socks you don’t have compromise: have full cushioned comfort and support, while simultaneously receiving enhanced breathability even through the bottom of the sock.

Anti-Odour/antibacterial (Silver Ionization Treatment): Foot odour is a common problem among men. We’ve researched and tried various different solutions to help control foot odour. Our socks were treated with the same advanced silver ionization treatment that our shirts undergo that actively kills bacteria and odour at their source. Our beta testers put the socks through rigorous testing and for each tester, the KG sock outperformed any other alternative that our beta testers used to combat their foot odours.